Introducing Hollowpoint Beef Jerky

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What do tee shirts, hats and jerky have in common? They are all high caliber products that satisfy your soul!

Hollowpoint Jerky officially launched on June 22nd at Ormond Brewing Company in Ormond Beach, FL. We met with Vince, to pair their craft beers with our craft jerky. 

The #1 question people asked is, "Why are you selling beef jerky?"
The answer is, there are many reasons. Here's a few...

A) We love jerky and so do the vast majority of our customers.
B) We spend a lot of time on the road and vending at various events. Jerky is great road food & can keep you on your feet when you're working a booth all day.
C) ​The majority of our customers are outdoor enthusiasts and jerky is an ideal food source when you're out enjoying Nature.
D) Did we mention we LOVE jerky?

We currently offer four flavors and will be adding more in the near future. For the pairing we offered the following:
Saturday Night Special (sweet & spicy) paired with Tr-hop-ical IPA; brewed with the most sought after and requested hop...CITRA.
T-Zone Teriyaki paired with Strawberry Wheat.
Black Fire (black pepper & sea salt) paired with Honey Cream Ale.
Red Stiletto (red wine) paired with The Dude (chocolate stout).

If you'd like to arrange a jerky & booze pairing at your restaurant or bar, we'd love to hear from you. Click here to CONTACT US and we'll be in touch asap to discuss your needs. 

Clay Courington of Vamped Media Productions produced a great video capturing the essence of the event. 

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