“This jerky is so American that after I ate my first bite it sounded like a Bald Eagle screaming when I opened my mouth for the next piece. At US Veterans Foundation we highly recommend Hollowpoint Jerky, not only because it is a great tasting snack but because they give back to the Veteran Community and that says a lot.” - Jason Thompson

Real American Beef Brisket Jerky from Real American Cows

Are you ready for the most tender & flavorful beef jerky to ever cross your lips?

We are proud Patriots who love our country, support our Veterans, First Responders, Law Enforcement and causes that are important to us.

Hollowpoint Jerky is a division of Hollowpoint Apparel and we specialize in offering high caliber tees, hats and dehydrated meats for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Choose from our premium Hollowpoint Jerky line or our choice Real American Jerky line. Both provide meat so tender and moist that your grandma can eat it without her dentures. 

Our jerky is processed in small craft batches within a quality-controlled, certified U.S.D.A. processing facility in the U.S.A. to ensure you receive the freshest beef jerky with every order.

hollowpoint beef brisket jerky

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These guys are well known for their patriotic apparel.  But their beef jerky is insane.  They’ve got one that they make with red wine in it.  I’m hoping we can convince them to do one with bourbon.  

Kyle Reyes, The Silent Partner Marketing & New Boston Post

Love this jerky - I like the creative flavors that cater to women's tastes like the wine ones. This brand is also local and supports military & law enforcement, which makes me like them even more.

Lauren Lanier

This jerky is probably the best I’ve ever had!!!

Johnny Ringo, founder of Code Rum

This jerky is great! I am a big fan and would definitely recommend trying it!!!

Dr. Phil Afghani


We are experiencing high demand for our jerky products (because it's high caliber & exhilarating!), so shipping time could take longer than what's posted below. If your chosen product is out of stock, we will contact you with an estimated shipping date.

Current production time for 3 ounce bags is 5-7 business days, plus shipping time.
Current production time for 1 pound bags is 3 weeks, plus shipping time. 

Orders ship via USPS and delivery time typically takes 4-6 business days.

Tender, Gourmet-Style Beef Jerky Products​

Hollowpoint Jerky products are made from the highest quality beef. Each batch is handcrafted in a family owned, state-of-the-art USDA facility to produce the most tender, ​​mouth-watering and flavorful beef jerky you will ever try!

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